Hollywood Celebs Join Occupy Wall Street Protests

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At Occupy Wall Street, the celebrities just keep on coming to show their support. Earlier we saw a photo of Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest going on in NYC. Kanye West is the latest musician to join the protest at Occupy Wall Street. He was spotted at the protest in Zucotti Park. Russell Simmons, a familar face at Occupy Wall Street, guided Kanye through the protest.

Katy Perry

Naomi Wolf

Don King

Talib Kweli

Susan Sarandon

Mike Myers

Tim Robbins

Rachel McAdams

Kanye West

Al Sharpton

Justine Bateman

Michael Moore

Russell Simmons

Cornel West

Alec Baldwin

Mark Ruffalo

Jeffrey Ross

Penn Badgley

Russell Brand

Tom Morello

Lupe Fiasco

Rufus Wainwright

Sean Lennon

Danny Glover

Pete Seeger

Roseanne Barr


Jeff Mangum

98 Degrees' Justin Jeffre

Deepak Chopra

Perry Farrell

Source: buzzfeed

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