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A security glitch in Facebook allowed users to watch Zuckerberg’s private pictures, including a few with his girlfriend. The methods to exploit the serious security vulnerability, which allowed anyone to see photos on the platform even if their security settings were set to private, was posted online on the web forum.

The images don’t mean anything scandalous, just photos that Zuckerberg chose to be private, for his own reasons. Among fourteen images shared with a photo site there were images of Zuckerberg holding what seems to be a dead chicken, Zuckerberg at home with friends, and distributing Halloween candy to kids.

Facebook users could look at private photographs by reporting a profile picture as "Inappropriate"; this allowed them to see other photographs on display, such as those of Zuckerberg, reported the Daily Mail. According to Facebook, which said the bug was temporary and had been fixed, the glitch in the Web site's photo-reporting tool allowed members to access users' pictures irrespective of privacy settings.


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