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Stuart Hughes designed a iPhone full of diamonds, making it the world's most expensive mobile phone with a price of $ 5 million.

On the iPhone is no more than 500 100-carat diamond. Limit the phone is covered with diamonds, and the Apple logo and even the home button is also covered with two diamonds, a pink diamond measuring 7.4 carats and a rare 8-carat diamond. Both these diamond alone is worth approximately $ 4 million. Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint, on Tuesday (18/10/2010).

Stuart Hughes home accessories based in Liverpool was ordered to create two luxury mobile phone. Order is obtained from an Australian businessman.

"It's very challenging and I am very pleased with the outcome. This phone looks so great," said Hughes.

"Mobile phones are very popular today and this is a great design. This is a very interesting project. Diamonds used are rare and difficult to find. Diamond-diamond like that usually have a long history," said Hughes.

"It's incredible to see that someone is spending money of $ 5 million just for a cell phone. I doubt if this phone will be used because the price is very expensive," said Hughes.

This phone comes in a box made of granite 7kg, which is coated with leather.

Apple device that has been dressed up is not a new phenomenon. In fact Stuart Hughes had previously been made of gold encrusted with precious IPAD 130 000 Euro and the iPhone 3G is worth 1.92 million euros.

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