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Carson Wininger mengatakan...

That orange car in the fourth photo! It seemed to be compressed horizontally. LOL! But its sleek body composition is fairly stunning, eh! Strange, yes, but I still wish to drive it if given the chance. :P

- Carson Wininger

Dante Mallet mengatakan...

Weird is cool! Haha! The weirder the car, the better its chances are of being noticed. Their creators and/or designers should also be acknowledged alongside them for being diverse and innovative, like, perhaps, being part of Stephen Vokins’ book, “Weird Cars”. Kudos! :)

Dante Mallet

Maria Wegner mengatakan...

@Dante: exactly! Weird is cool! Haha! These cars have very unique styles and it’s really quite rare to see these kinds of cars on a normal day. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind driving any of these. There’s some spice in being unique!

-Maria Wegner

Junior Perrera mengatakan...

Alright! Others may consider these cars as weird, but for me they are really AWESOME!!! :D I think they were uniquely designed as such to attract buyers. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has one of these cars really feel cool and confident every time they parade their cars on the road. Haha. These ones are gonna be the center of attention; but always keep your eyes on the road, no matter how tempting it is to stare!

Junior Perrera

Dewey Setlak mengatakan...

I agree with Junior. At first, you may really consider their styles as weird, but as time goes by, you would start to appreciate their oddity. They are just really one of a kind. I personally would like to have such a kind of car. I may perhaps feel that I’m kinda unique too! Hahaha!

Dewey Setlak

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