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McLaren SLR 999 Photos

This expensive car coated with gold and ruby jewel! Most people who understand the art of course will say great! However, they are likely to see the principle of benefit will be saying, "It's Mad!"

That's what happened on this 999 SLR McLaren. He never displayed, for the first time, at Tuning World Bodensee, May. However, at that time many people did not notice. Now, as exhibited in Dortmund MY CAR Tuning, he just attracts attention. Because the wheels and this car's interior, including steering wheel, dashboard, and seats, already coated with gold. Not less than 5 kg of gold was used as a coating.

Zubehör & News, Germany, explained, the gold plating on the McLaren car was done by a designer from Switzerland, Ueli Anliker, with experience installing gems or diamonds in the car for 35 years. In this SLR McLaren, Ueli also added 600 rubies with the largest diameter of 35 mm.

Insurance experts estimate, the value of this car is about 5 million Swiss francs or 3.7 million euros (USD 41.5 billion). According Anlier, the value does not include the wages of 30,000 hours of work to handle this project. The car will be on display starting today until 14 November in Dortmund, Germany.

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