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Church of Saint John's cathedral in Den Bosch, Netherlands, will the arrival of a new angel statue. The statue is quite unique because it depicted are communicating with god through the phone.

Statues of angels who are mengenggam phone is scheduled to be put in front of the church next month. The statue that will replace the old statues have been damaged due to weather conditions and pollution.

The statue was measuring 1.25 meters tall and made of stone and sand will be placed 15 meters from the church. Uniquely the mobile phone used by a winged angel has only one button.

"One of the keys in the mobile phone has a meaning that only angels should communicate with the God," said the statue maker, Tony Mooy, as quoted by Cellular News, on Tuesday (30/11/2010).

Tony Mooy is a sculptor from Amersfoort and the clergy have been asked directly to Mooy to create the statue. Prior made, sculpture design was approved by the committee in advance of the church.

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